Our Beers

We started our brewery brewing just two flagship beers: Cereal Killer Oatmeal Stout and Kitchen Party Pale Ale. These still remain as part of our year round line up. We have added Ready Yer Knot…Regatta Red Irish Red Ale, and Bitter Get’er India Black IPA as our other two year rounds. We also like to keep our brewing interesting, so are constantly producing single or limited batches of one-off or seasonal beers, as detailed below. Find us at a Nova Scotian tap near you, or drop by our brewery or the Cape Breton Farmers’ Market to get yourself a pint or growler of our beer.

Kitchen Party Pale Ale

A dry hopped, full bodied pale ale with hints of citrus and pine. Solidly bitter and wonderfully aromatic, this beer pairs well with all foods.

IBU: 33

ABV: 5.8%

Cereal Killer Oatmeal Stout

A rich, moderately dry stout with deep chocolate, liquorice and coffee flavours. This stout will convert even the most fearful of dark beer drinkers!

IBU: 28

ABV: 5.4%

Tim’s Dirty American IPA

This once-occasional beer has become a year round staple brewed in honour of Brewnoser Tim Gregory, who won our inaugral Homebrew Challenge in December of 2013. Heavily dry hopped with Simcoe hops, this is a well balanced, caramel rich, deeply aromatic beer. Find it on tap and at fine NSLC locations!

IBU: 69

ABV: 6.4%

Bitter Get’er India Black IPA

A bracingly bitter yet well balanced IPA that is brewed with Organic Carafa Malt and Sinamar for body and a distinct black colour. Bitter Get’er India is hopped continuously throughout the boil and then dry-hopped post fermentation. Hop Heads wanted!

IBU: 124

ABV: 6.6%

Ready Yer Knot… Regatta Red Ale

Brewed in the Irish tradition, this smooth tasting beer is remarkably easy to drink. Well balanced hop additions compliment a malty mouth feel and make this a perfect go to red ale.

IBU: 22

ABV: 5.0%

RA RA Rasputin

RA RA Rasputin is one devious barrel aged Russian Imperial Stout and marks our first ever bottle release. This beer was aged in recently dumped single malt whisky barrels from Cape Breton’s Glenora Distillery and the result is fiery warm with deep chocolate, roast and coffee flavours, and a vanilla caramel nose.  Turn up the Boney M!


ABV: 10.5%

Cerberus American IPA

Cerberus is the 3 headed hellhound of organic American style India Pale Ales.  Abundantly bitter and deeply aromatic, this Cerberus is a single batch, limited edition conspired by the brewers of the 3 Nova Scotian craft breweries producing Certified Organic Craft Beer; Big Spruce Brewing, Propeller Brewing and Tatamagouche Brewing.  Available in 650 ml bomber for a limited time only!


ABV: %

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